恐怖分子襲擊法國巴黎查理周刊辦公室(Charlie-Hebdo Attack)! 快來用英文了解這起恐怖攻擊的始末!

  • 恐怖分子闖入周刊辦公室 

    (Wednesday 7 January, 11.30am local time)Two *gunmen - Chérif Kouachi and his brother Saïd - storm the offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. They shoot dead several people including the magazine’s editor and some of its cartoonists. Five minutes later, they emerge on to the street and get into their car to *escape. They drive north and exchange fire with a police *vehicle. One officer, Ahmed Merabet, is *wounded in the shootout; a Kouachi brother then runs up and *shoots him in the head. In total 12 people are killed in the attacks.


* gunman 持槍歹徒
* escape逃跑   
* vehicle 車輛
* wounded 槍傷
* shoot 射擊

  • 查理周刊過去曾嘲諷穆罕默德

France has increased security at its embassies and other interests around the world after a French *satirical magazine published cartoons *mocking the *Prophet Muhammad.

* satirical magazine 諷刺雜誌
* mock 嘲弄
* prophet 先知

  • 猶太超市五名人質遭挾持

    Reports say the man * suspected of killing a policewoman in Paris on Thursday is the *hostage taker at the supermarket, and is holding around five people. The French president, François Hollande, confirms that four *hostages were killed and four wounded in the supermarket in Paris.


* suspect 懷疑、可疑
* hostage 人質

  • 法國人民捍衛言論自由

   People gather in Toulouse to *honor the *victims, holding *aloft pens and papers reading "Je suis Charlie" — "I am Charlie." "We must be *unified against this *barbarity, this *intolerance," said an artist who was among thousands gathered at the Place de la Republique. "Everyone has the right to speak, the right to express themselves and we have to - even if they have a gun to your temple, you must scream, '*Liberty!'"

    法國民眾聚集在土魯斯市,一同頌揚這起事件的受害者,他們高舉標示寫著 「我是查理」、「我們會團結一致力抗這種排除異己的野蠻行為」。一名藝術家說:「每個人都有言論自由,每個人都有權表達他們內心的想法,而我們也必須這麼做。即使他們以武力侵犯你的聖堂,你也必須高喊自由!」

* honor 讚頌、頌揚
* victims 受害者
* unified 團結
* barbarity 野蠻行為
* intolerance 不容納異說 [意見、信仰]
* liberty 自由

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